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The Rise of Indoor Cycling: Why does everyone love it so much?


No one even knew what a spin studio is just a couple years ago. The only studio cycling that existed were spin classes in large gyms, which are far from what spin has developed into now. The number of studios that have popped up around the globe have exponentially grown in the last 3 years, and there are more to come.

If you have never been to a spin studio before, you might be thinking: what is so special about those studios? Why are they different from the spin classes offered by larger gyms? Well, we are here to explain the difference to you and convince you into trying it out for yourself! Members of our team have been to a large number of classes all around the world, and can tell you that a real “ride” (that is what these classes are called) is one of the best experiences ever.

A spin studio is different to a gym spin class in 3 key aspects: the choice of music, the style of movement and the atmosphere in the studio. Let’s break these down for you one by one.

Firstly, the choice of music. No matter what spin studio you go to, the playlists are carefully chosen by instructors, who most often come from a performance background. The tracks create that soul-body connection, and stimulate your mind to focus on the beat, fully turn off from the outside world and give the class your all. The music is one of the key elements of the class and helps bring a special spark of energy into the studio.

The style of movement is unique too. The best way to describe a spin class is dancing on a bike, and that is what you actually do. In addition, to burning off a load of calories by moving the pedals, you also engage all muscles of the body through dance choreographies. There are arm movements, dips and tap backs, side-to-side body movements (these are all performed on the bike), which are combined together in a routine that very much resembles a dance. These routines are then performed to the beat of the music. Don’t worry, they are short and very easy to follow, and if you put in some emotion and drive into the movement, you will get an incredible workout out of it.

The atmosphere in spin studios is always very friendly, welcoming and up-beat. When you come in for the first time the instructor or one of the staff members will help you set up the bike and explain what to expect from the class. The best thing is that more experienced riders are just as great at being friendly as the staff are, you will feel at home straight away. Spin studios really do bring the kindest traits in people out. Even better: everyone, newbie or experienced rider, is in the same room, with the same tasks – it is all about doing your own personal best on the bike. Although, I must mention, that some studios have put their focus on a challenge board with stats, those are better suited for more competitive people.

The choice of spin studios is huge: there is a studio for everyone. Whether you enjoy dancing on the bike or are more into challenges, you can find the right one for you. There are more studios opening in the UK now. Leeds has its studio too: Ryde Cycle (ex- L1 Performance), re-opening in March 2021. So, hop on the bike and get spinning!


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