BESTFIT has become a trusted brand; we are now the UK’s fastest growing integrated media platform for health, fitness and lifestyle information on the go.

Starting life as a humble health and fitness magazine, we’ve enjoyed considerable growth and we now operate across print, TV, digital and online.

BESTFIT Magazine is now in its third year. Every month we print a glossy, ipad-sized magazine full of exclusive interviews, health and fitness tips, nutrition and juicing advice, challenges, workouts, recipes, fashion, music, expert columns and much, much more.

We print 60,000 copies per month, which are distributed to gyms and health clubs. An additional 30,000 are distributed to commuters via street teams throughout the UK.

Now a recognized publication, we’re at the heart of the fitness community and respected by those who lead active lifestyles. Our aim: to encourage ordinary people to take an interest in their health and fitness.

We want to encourage as many people as possible to lead happy and healthy lives. That’s why all of our content is also shared online and via our various social channels. All of our content can be found, for free, on our mobile-friendly and fast-loading website.

We feel so strongly about influencing the masses in a positive way that we’ve created the first health and fitness TV programme of its kind. Series 1 of BESTFIT TV can be seen right now on Sky Channel 7, Virgin Channel 159 and Sky Channel 117.

We are currently working on Series 2, so watch this space!

If you follow our social channels, you’ll see our online promotions, viral social media competitions and updates about our street teams. We partner with major brands to carry out street team campaigns and we’re building reader loyalty thanks to our increasingly popular giveaways.

Stay posted to find out where you can find us handing out more freebies with every copy of BESTFIT Magazine!






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