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15-Minute Workouts with Krissy Cela


Try these three 15-minute workouts with Krissy Cela, the social media sensation.

With over 1.6 million loyal Instagram followers, Krissy Cela has amassed an incredible social media following and has now trained over 100,000 women. So when she recently popped over to London to promote her Tone & Sculpt app, launched in January, we didn’t hesitate to ask her for some workout advice.

Through Krissy’s online community and popularity within the health and fitness sector, she has attracted a worldwide audience of dedicated followers.

Here’s she’s picked three workouts that all take 15 minutes each. That’s just one quarter of the time it takes you to watch a rerun of Love Island, meaning there really is no excuse.

With a full-body workout alongside lower and upper-body workouts, there’s something for everyone. Get ready to dig in for three short bursts per week, and show off the fruits of your labour around the pool…

FULL-BODY CIRCUIT (repeat twice)

Complete each exercise for a total of one minute. Repeat for 2 sets. Rest for 60 seconds between sets and two minutes between exercises.

15-Minute Workout with Krissy Cela. Full body workout: 1. Kneeling push-ups (2 sets x 1 minute) 2. Bicycle crunches 3. Squat into overhead press 4. Kick backs 5. Jumping squats


15-Minute Workout with Krissy Cela. Lower body workout: 1. Reverse lunge knee-up (2 sets x 30 seconds) 2. Pulse squats (2 sets x 1 minute) 3. Jumping squats 4. Elevated feet bridges (2 sets x 1 minute) 5. Explosive lunges


15-Minute Workout with Krissy Cela. Upper body workout: 1. Kneeling push ups (2 sets x 1 minute) 2. Plank jump-ins (2 sets x 1 minute) 3. Diamond push-ups (2 sets x 1 minute) 4. Shoulder press (2 sets x 1 minute) 5. Walk-outs (2 sets x 1 minute)

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