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HUAWEI Fitness Tracker: HONOR Band 5 Review

HUAWEI Fitness Tracker: HONOR Band 5 Review


We already know that Huawei’s sub-brand HONOR focuses on style and affordability and their latest fitness tracker is a testament to that. HONOR has delivered a wearable that proves that you can a decent fitness tracker even if you’re on a budget.

While the cheapest Fitbit Inspire sells for £69, the HONOR Band 5 goes for less than half of the price. At the absurdly low price of £29.99, HONOR’s fitness tracker sacrifices very little and undercut the competition with an affordable yet competent fitness tracker.

Available in three colours (Classic Navy blue, Meteorite Black and Dahlia Pink), the HONOR Band 5 looks pretty similar to its predecessor. However, the minimal and lightweight design is now upgraded by a vibrant, slightly curved 0.95″ 2.5D screen that is easy to read in direct sunlight. Following an update a few hours after set up, the fitness watch offers a large variety of stylish watch faces which were not available before. Its user interface feels quite snappy to use compared to other budget wearables. That made it feel easy to use and switching between exercise modes was relatively seamless.

In addition, if you have trouble fitting your smartwatch or fitness tracker to your wrist, you’re in luck. The HONOR Band 5’s strap has many more perforations than the average watch, so you will find it easy to get the wearable nice and cosy on our wrist.

Most of the information is diligently stored in the Huawei Health app, which you’ll need to download. That’s where you can keep tabs on how you’re doing.


  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring
  • Oxygen levels tracking
  • Multiple fitness modes: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, swimming, free training, rowing machine, elliptical trainer and indoor walking
  • Pedometer
  • Distance
  • Accelerometer
  • Calories count
  • Sleep monitor
  • Water-resistant up to 50m3
  • Swim-proof
  • Message reminders
  • Phone finder
  • Remote picture taking
  • Remote music control
  • Displays weather

Speaking of HONOR Band 5’s features, you can wear it in the shower or during a run through the rain as well as track performance in the pool, where it can recognise four main swim strokes. As for sleep monitoring, things get interesting once you switch on the built-in ‘Huawei TruSleep’. Sleep tracking will give you a detailed analysis of your circadian rhythm on your Huawei Health App as well as advice on how to sleep better.

Please note that some features may appear after an update.

What’s impressive on this fitness tracker is its battery life, which is longer lasting than that of most modern smartwatches. You will get around 6 days before you need to charge it again. Just make sure not to track any activity once the battery hits 5%. Moreover, the charging cradle included with the HONOR Band 5 does a great job of keeping the device in place. That’s an issue many users have had with some of Fitbit’s wearables. They didn’t connect in the right way and thus did not charge.

Another nice touch is the section with training plans free of charge. There are even dedicated plans for runs starting at 5k, going all the way up to a full marathon.

A drawback is that it only connects with MyFitnessPal and Google Fit. There’s no option to export data to running apps like Strava, Runkeeper and Endomondo.

The HONOR Band 5 is a fitness band for those who want to be a bit more active but don’t need the advanced features of a running watch. It is also not the best choice for those of you who are into weightlifting. It is the ideal fitness watch for a runner on a tight budget. In a nutshell, any limitations can be immediately countered by its affordable price point. HONOR Band 5 packs a lot in for only £30.

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