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Review: Minor Figures Oat M*lk Drinks


Oat milk is the most popular and, arguably, the most delicious plant-based milk alternative. Oat milk is the creamiest, and is best for foamy cappuccinos or simply added to your coffee. With all the plant milks available, it is hard to find ones that will not curd in your drink, and that will taste delicious. This is where Minor Figures have filled the big gap in the plant milk market. They have created a range of oat m*lk products, which are especially designed for use in coffee. Their aim is to help more people enjoy better coffee, all while consuming a plant-based diet.

Minor Figures make drinking coffee fun and exciting. They don’t limit themselves to making only plain oat m*lk. They also offer nitro brews, chai latte concentrates, cold lattes, cold mochas, organic m*lk and even their own apparel. The oat m*lk that they offer is perfect as barista milk in coffee machines or in home milk foamers, and makes the best creamiest lattes and cappuccinos. Minor Figures products provide you with the perfect experience of coffee: brewing, milk foaming and consuming coffee.

The BESTFIT team tested 3 products from the range: the Oat M*lk (classic), Oat M*lk Latte and the Oat M*lk Mocha. We loved them all! They have the perfect balance of sweetness (no added sugars) and creaminess, with a beautiful velvety texture. These drinks are everything you could wish for in a glass of oat milk, or oat milk drink.

Minor Figures have created a drink that would be 100% from plant ingredients, be nutritious and make the experience of drinking coffee magical to everyone. They use only the finest ingredients that planet Earth has gifted us, and do not add any nasties. The cold coffee drinks only have 4-5 ingredients, all completely natural. For example, the Oat M*lk Latte is made from Arabica coffee, water, oats, sunflower oil, sea salt and an acidity regulator (potassium carbonate). We will be quick to ensure you that potassium carbonate is a water-soluble salt, is safe and even good for our body. It’s compound molecule, potassium, is an electrolyte, contained in most vegetables, and helps prevent dehydration.

We have only found one minus to these oat m*lk drinks: the macros are not very friendly. 100ml of the original Oat M*lk has 48 calories, 2.1g fat, a huge 9.5g carbohydrates and only 0.2g of protein. If you have calories to play with and eat a flexible diet, then this m*lk is great, but if you are on a lower-carb diet or do not want to use up your calories, then you might want to choose lighter alternatives: almond or cashew milk alternatives will be a great choice for you.

We have given Minor Figures a rating of 8/10. Everything about this oat m*lk is amazing: the taste, the texture, its applicability in a wide variety of drinks, but the one thing that brought it down for us were the macros. We are a fitness magazine, and right with gym-goers in mind, the majority of whom are calorie- and macro-conscious. We recommend you try out this velvety oat m*lk for yourself and see if the calories are worth it (we think they sometimes surely are).

You can buy Minor Figures from their website and find them at a number of retailers.