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How to Find the Type of Training Your Love


A good relationship with exercise is just as important as a good relationship with your partner. Being happy with the way you train is key to a happy and healthy body, just as being with the right person for you is key to a happy life. Finding the sport or type of exercise that you love takes time and effort: you have to get out there and try new things.

Fortunately, there are a million different types of fitness studios and gyms around, each with their own unique style of training. Spin, calisthenics, gymnastics, Crossfit, running clubs, mountain climbing, tennis, recreational football and so so so many more! There are so many that we get confused when choosing which one to try.

It can be very challenging to gather up the courage and go try out new styles of exercise, and fear of the unknown can often make us procrastinate or make excuses, and end up not going at all. This is the time that you just need to gather yourself together and go. That initial fear will most likely disappear as soon as you walk into the studio, as the staff and trainers will instantly make you feel a lot more comfortable.

There are some tips that our team at BESTFIT has learnt throughout our fitness journeys:

  • Go with a friend: This will increase accountability, as you will feel the responsibility to turn up to the class/ workout, and not let your friend down. Choose someone that you know likes to try out new things and will be enthusiastic about it. It is always a plus to have a positive voice speaking into your right (or left) ear during a fitness class.
  • Speak to the instructor before the class: Speaking to the instructor will not only make you feel more confident, but also help the instructor too. They will know that they need to give you a little bit of extra attention, and perhaps provide exercise regressions for you and other novices in the class. You can talk over what you are worried about beforehand with them, and they will explain the class to you in more detail and calm you down.
  • Remember: there is no failing in fitness, we are all just doing the best we can. Fitness is unique for everyone. We all have individual stories and fitness experiences. For someone doing 2 burpees in a row might be a huge win, and for others doing 1000 burpees might not be enough. We all have different goals and different abilities. Fitness is not about failing or wining, it is about feeling proud to be able to move your body.
  • Go in with a curious mind-set: Fear is the same feeling as excitement. The same body reaction, the same hormones are released. It is exactly the same: the one different thing are the thoughts in our head. Go into the class with curiosity, a willingness to explore something new, a willingness find out what this type of exercise offers. You will find it a lot easier to walk in there and enjoy the workout.

Finding the type of exercise that is right for you will take time. Start now, make a list of studios and training styles that you want to try and make it happen. Remember that to consistently exercise, you need to make the sport/ physical activity work within your lifestyle, and even more importantly – you must enjoy it.  


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