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Why You Should Listen to Music While Working Out

Why You Should Listen to Music While Working Out


Listening to music while working out keeps you motivated!

Your motivation levels can be the one factor that separates a good workout from a great workout. For many, music offers the best way to get focused and stay driven throughout a gym session. In this article, we investigate how music motivates us during exercise.

Does musical accompaniment to exercise actually work?

Studies have shown that music helps to ensure a successful workout by boosting our stamina and motivation levels. A 2017 study featured in the International Journal of Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology compared the performance of people who worked-out with and without music. The result was that that the subjects who exercised with music outlasted those who didn’t by an impressive 15 minutes.

What happens when we listen to music while working out?

Music can have some fascinating physiological effects on someone who’s exercising. Research has found that the right song can increase heart rate and reduce blood pressure. It can also boost your metabolism and allow your body to consume energy more efficiently. Another study revealed that listening to music while exercising engaged a certain region of the brain and this results in fewer feelings of fatigue.

If you are interested in learning more about how music can improve your workout, then you should certainly browse through the infographic below which comes from the team at My Fitness Boutique. This comprehensive guide offers a handy overview of the topic and also outlines some practical tips on how you can use music to make your workout more productive.

the effects of listening to music while working out

Michael Nash is the Marketing Manager of My Fitness Boutique – a pay-as-you-go gym based in London. Michael is a fitness enthusiast who often takes part in mini-marathons for fundraisers.


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