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HIIT Workout by Alex Crockford


HIIT workout at home without any equipment, you say? Fitness model and guru Alex Crockford shows you how to win in your own four walls.

The beauty of modern-day fitness is that you can do it anytime, anywhere, and spend as long as you want on your sessions based on you and your lifestyle. HIIT is immensely popular because it’s short, effective and can be done anywhere… perfect for our busy lifestyle.

Alex Crockford is a fitness model with 271k followers on Instagram. He obviously spends time cultivating his body, but included in his armoury of sessions are short and sharp blasts that can be done at home, in the gym or in hotels… wherever. And the best thing is that you’ll just need to bring yourself. No weights, no equipment you’ll use once before they gather dust… just you and you’re ‘A’ game.


• Perform steps 1 to 5 for 45 seconds each, with 15 seconds rest in between each exercise
• At the end of the round, rest for 1 minute before starting again

• Complete 4 rounds/sets

STEP 1: Reverse lunge knee drive and jump

In the reverse lunge knee drive and jump, make a big lunge backwards aiming the back knee close to the floor and then as you stand up drive the knee up and use that momentum and force to leave the floor. Land softly and, then, aim to go straight into your next rep. If jumping is too challenging, you can also opt to do a standard reverse lunge and knee drive. Repeat on the other leg.

hiit workout no equipment reverse lunge knee drive and jump

STEP 2: Sprint/run on the spot

Jogging on the spot is simply running in the same position. You don’t want to make it too intense, make sure you’re nice and soft on your ankles, knees and your hips, using your hips to naturally run through this movement. Keep and upright posture and keep your core engaged.

hiit workout no equipment sprint

STEP 3: Push-up side step

In the push-up, come up to your hands and your toes. Try to keep a straight line all the way down your body, from your shoulders to your heels, by engaging your core. Keep your shoulders above your hands throughout this exercise, trying to achieve a depth of at least 90 degrees at the elbow when you go down.

hiit workout no equipment push-up side step

STEP4: Frog squat jump

Take a slightly wider stance than normal, and as you squat down, reach down and touch the floor. Make sure you’re bending your knees, dropping your hips, elevating your chest, keeping a straight back and keeping your feet flat on the floor. Stand up and jump off of the floor, landing softly before your next rep.

hiit workout no equipment frog squat jump

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