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War-Prep Meal Boxes and Bottles

War-Prep Meal Boxes and Bottles


Meal prep just got easier thanks to the convenience and style of the new War Prep products.

An independent company founded in 2016, the War Prep team have been busy creating premium meal preparation solutions that spell the end for multiple Tupperware boxes and dodgy drinks bottles and shakers.

Take their WAR-PREP Meal Preparation System, for example. Separated into three compartments, a large, medium and smaller snack compartment, it also comes with a highly insulated bag to help keep contents fresh and cool. A microwaveable box is perfect for when you need to nuke your lunch, and it’s all leak resistant, so no more spillages in your work bag. It comes with built-in cutlery, and it all locks into one complete box.

Alongside this awesome piece of engineering, is a stylish silicone water bottle and stainless-steel Shaker Bottle. The latter, with a robust and with a luxurious feel, it eliminates the odours usually associated with plastic bottles and has a non-leak stopper. A built-in agitator makes for a perfect consistency. You can bung both in the dishwasher for easy washing, too.

Stick that lot on your Christmas list.




Prep system £30
Shaker bottle £15
Water bottle £10


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