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Proportional eating made easy with Food Chain

Proportional eating made easy with Food Chain


Food Chain is an all new system of modular containers described by the makers as “the ultimate in sports nutrition”, and designed to take your training to the next level. 

Working alongside leading athletes from a range of sporting backgrounds, Food Chain works perfectly alongside a Food Chain App and allows you to take control of your nutrition in a simple and confident way.

It allows you to fully embrace proportional eating by allowing you to stack, lock and flip in different combinations using patented clips, which not only secure the lid in place, but also lock additional containers together, creating your own ‘food chain’.

Food Chain has been designed to evolve and grow with your daily, nutritional needs. That is why they’ve incorporated the ability to join two containers together, one inverted on top of the other, effectively doubling the capacity.

The idea of proportional eating is daunting, however by using the Food Chain App, you can achieve your daily intake needs without the fear of making nutritional errors. You can customise different meals with accurate ingredients that fill your FC stack with just the right amount, making it easier for you to reach your goals.

By providing you with an effective range of appetising and aspiring meals, you can tailor your nutritional needs to hit your health goals, whilst being confident of their proven track record of working for leading athletes.


Head over to their Kickstarter Campaign to secure your own.




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