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Tis the Season

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Tis the Season


Food shopping is something we either love or hate. Supermarkets are packing their shelves full of absolutely everything, at all times of the year. Does that mean we should buy it? Probably not, actually. Buying produce that is in season is a sure fire way to make sure its delicious and packed full of nutrition, while also being kinder to the environment if grown locally. This also usually means it’s cheaper, so our wallets get a bonus too. But what should you be looking out for this time of year? As winter draws in, stock up on veggies like cauliflower, swede and leeks, not forgetting of course your festive sprouts. For something sweeter, opt for the classics: apples, pears, oranges, bananas and if you’re feeling fancy, a pomegranate or two. Dates are also in season around now and make a tasty addition to your Christmas pud – you heard it here first. 

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