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NEWS: Issue 44

NEWS: Issue 44



On Sundays, we do anything we can to forget that Monday is around the corner. However, according to a recent study, more of us are now choosing to meal prep. A survey of 1,009 UK adults by AppliancesDirect.co.uk revealed that more than half (56%) of Brits will spend time to prepare their meals for the week ahead. Why? To save ourselves on average around £27 and three hours’ worth of time each week. Not too shabby, especially if you tally that up over the year. The study also showed that about a third of us choose to meal prep as a way to eat healthier during the week, to help us reach our fitness goals. If that isn’t enough to convince you, 19% of respondents also suggested meal prep helped them waste less food. Every little helps!

Brits save ourselves on average around £27 and three hours’ worth of time each week by prepping meal


We love going on holiday, but we hate flying. What makes it worse are all the potential risks to our health. Blood flow can be restricted causing Deep Vein Thombosis, and our blood can absorb less oxygen leaving us with headaches, sleepiness and anxiety. How can we tackle this? Simply by moving our body. FRAME fitness shared with us their top tips on making the best use of your time and space. Before you make a bee-line for the bar, try doing a few laps of the terminal before you fly. Stretching is also a must, so find a seat and do some seated hip-openers, seated twists and even a meditative seated savasana. The most important thing to remember? Stay hydrated – the cabin environment can be up to three-times dryer than the Sahara desert, meaning caffeine and alcohol and probably off the menu too.
Happy travelling!


In Britain, we see ourselves as hard workers, whether our job is labour-intensive or desk-based. But recently we’ve been taking this too literally. A study by Sodexo and UKActive found the average lunch break has fallen to just 22 minutes, with one in five employees not leaving their desk at all during lunchtime. When asked why, people blamed their workload and the uninspiring lunch options available to them. If you’re vegan, there are typically even less tasty options for lunch time. Thankfully, the team at Itsu have been working on their vegan offering. Their newest bento box includes edamame beans, avocado, rainbow veggies and sushi rice, meaning you get everything you need to avoid the 3pm slump and power on until home time. Who said being vegan had to be hard?


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