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Leg Master Elite



Leg Master Elite


A new addition to your home gym,

The Leg Master Elite works the inner and outer thighs and glutes using a simple gliding motion. Targeting hard-to-reach muscles, including the abductors, it can help you sculpt and tone your way to lovely legs. It allows users to work muscles not normally engaged in cycling, running or rowing and because of the gliding motion, you should feel it begin to work in seconds. You can also increase the intensity as you wish, much like you would with a rower, exercise bike or running machine. Ideal for use at home, you can plonk it – and you – in front of the TV knowing that you’ll be working out in a stable environment. It’s built to last but also compact, foldable and easy to store. You can feel the benefits from using it for as little as 20 seconds.
Price: £49.99

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