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How to Fit Your Training into a Busy Schedule: 5 Things You Can Do

How to Fit Your Training into a Busy Schedule: 5 Things You Can Do


Keeping up with your training can be tough when you are busy at work and your schedule is very tight. Now, when some of us are back at the office/at work and our kids are back to school, it can be even harder to get your workout in! There are ways to get around it and still fit exercise and training into your life. We have put together 5 simple tips that will help you stick to your fitness routine and take care of your health at busy times.

It is shocking how much time we spend sitting these days, and with lockdown and working from home, the number of hours we spend at our desks has only risen. There are numerous studies that show how bad lack of movement is for our health, and having regular training in our life will help diminish the effects of sitting on our health by increasing blood circulation and by strengthening your cardiovascular system.

These are 5 top tips to keep your training up even during the busiest times.

  • Set a clear training goal.

A clear goal will be your guide and motivator. When you have a mission in your mind, you will prioritise your workouts, and make sure you get them done no matter what. A goal does not have to be a certain physique, and definitely not a number on the scale. Choose something that is not related to how you look: a number of kg you can squat, or improving your cardiovascular function to be able to run 5km without stopping. Make sure your goal is SMART and that it is meaningful to you.

  • Make working out a habit

To make it easier for yourself in the future, make your workouts consistent. Do them at the same time of the day, after or before work. Make sure that they are tied onto some other regular event in your life. That event will be a trigger for you to go to the gym. Soon you will feel weird if you don’t workout after that event.

  • Go to sleep earlier, so that you can wake up earlier to workout

Sleep is very important for overall energy levels. Going to bed early will help you get up earlier too and give you an extra hour or two to train. Morning workouts are very good for waking up your mind and will boost your focus at work from the increase speed of blood circulation.

  • Pack your workout bag and have it handy

Preparation is key. Get ready the night before, so that you have your gym bag and clothes laid out ready to use the next day. If they are there in front of your eyes, you are much more likely to actually use them and complete your workout.

  • Schedule your workouts into your calendar

Write your workouts into your schedule, just like you would do with a meeting. Make sure you have sessions scheduled throughout the week in your calendar. It is even better, if you have a calendar where you can tick things that are complete off, as you will feel a sense of achievement when ticking them and that will increase your incentive to workout.

Fitting in training can be hard, and some days we need to relax and have some rest, but we do need to have regular fitness in our lives too. These 5 tips should help you get it done and not miss a workout.


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