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The 6 Healthiest Ready Meal Options from Major Supermarkets

The 6 Healthiest Ready Meal Options from Major Supermarkets


Eating healthy when you are always in a rush never been too easy, but these days it is much easier to get nutritious options in stores. Major supermarkets are bringing in more and more healthy options to help the public maintain better health and support government initiatives towards healthy eating.

We have selected 6 best options of healthy ready meals that contribute to a balanced and nutritious diet.

If you are a mushroom lover, this one should come at the top of your list. A delicious creamy sauce, with starchy carbohydrates and protein from the chicken, on a bed of spring greens and broccoli will do wonders for your taste buds and fuel your body with nutrients.  Only 356 calories, 28g of filling protein and 9g of fibre. This meal definitely ranks highest on its nutrition profile out of the ones we tried.

A filling healthy pasta dish, with tomatoes and spinach for extra fibre, and prawns to feed your body with some sea minerals and protein. The meal is only 343 calories and contains 21g of protein. A great choice if you feel like something hearty and filling.

A great meal, full of fibre, protein and unsaturated (good) fats. It is a very balanced meal that is guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied and nourish your body for your busy life. The meal is only 351 calories, with 25g of protein and 6g of fibre to support our gut health and digestion. A perfect choice for a filling and healthy lunch.

Delicious salmon in creamy sauce! What better could there be? And there are also plenty of vegetables with a host of vitamins and minerals, and 289 calories! Well, that is magic. Tesco has come up with a range of healthy meals on-the-go to help us eat better with no hassle, and they have done a great job. This salmon meal is a great source of important Omega 3 fatty acids, has 26g of protein and 5g of fibre. One of the best healthy options we could find.

This cottage pie will contribute to one of your 5-a-day, as it is full of vegetables and provides you with a high amount of fibre. Lentils are a great meat alternative: full of fibre and a source of protein to support our tissue repair. This is a low-calorie choice with only 270 calories per portion and 10.4g of plant protein. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

A great choice, with a lot of fibre from the added vegetables. It is best practice to include vegetables in every meal to ensure that you are getting a sufficient amount of nutrients (minerals and vitamins) in your diet. This meal is not low-calorie, but it is packed with healthy foods and has 25g of protein, which is the most important nutrient to support our body’s growth and repair.

These are the best options that we found, and we know that there are many more brands and delicious healthy ready meals out there. Choose your ready meals wisely, look for ones that are low in saturated fats, salt and sugar, contain vegetables and protein sources. Bon appetite!


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