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DIY Fitness


Spring is almost upon us, but it’s still pretty cold and dark in the mornings and evenings. So how can we keep busy in these challenging conditions? New research might have the answer, having surveyed a bunch of millennials about the benefits of DIY. According to the findings, 35% said it improved their mood and 74% believe it’s good for their well-being. And why not? A little DIY keeps us busy, indoors and away from the elements while, as half of millennials surveyed pointed out, making those personal touches to our home. Not to mention it can be a great workout, depending on how much we do. And if you’re feeling down, don’t worry – 62% of 25-34 year olds suggested it made them super happy. Probably a sign we should look into it, just remember to bend with the knees if heavy lifting is involved.


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