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Bodyweight Home Workout for the Body and the Soul


Working out at home may seem like a hard task, but there are actually so many exercises that you can do just with your bodyweight. At home, you may not make the same ‘gains’ like you would do in the gym, the goal here is rather to stay active, keep moving and maintain the best health. Training for health is the best mind-set to approach fitness, and lockdown has really taught us how to do that.

We want to inspire you to move your body and workout for your health, whilst we are stuck at home. The workout below is a short full-body HIIT circuit, which does not require any equipment. You only need your bodyweight. It makes a great finisher for a longer workout, if done once, or can be repeated for several rounds to make a full session.

For 1-2 rounds: 30 seconds work/ 15 seconds rest, 1 min rest between rounds.

For 3-5 rounds: 30 seconds work/ 15 seconds rest, 3-5 min rest between rounds. 

1 round takes 6 minutes.

  • Butt Ups
  • In and Out Squats
  • Elbows to Hand in Plank
  • Push Ups
  • Alternating Heel Taps
  • Tuck Jumps
  • Side-to-Side Plank


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