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Review: Awesome Supplements New Vegan Protein Bars

Review: Awesome Supplements New Vegan Protein Bars


Awesome Supplements have recently launched 2 new vegan protein bars, which come in Caramel Crunch Brownie and Raspberry Ripple Blondie flavours. Awesome Supplements are known for their delicious vegan protein powder, and now they have created an incredible vegan protein bar too. It is so delicious, that you won’t even think it is made from plants (most vegan protein bars taste like soil, don’t even argue with me about that).


Flavour and Texture: The bars are very sweet and the flavour delivers what it says on the package. They are soft, melt in the mouth, but have a delicious crisp, as they also contain protein crispies. The Raspberry Ripple Blondie bar is covered with a raspberry layer that resembles raspberry jam, and the Caramel Crunch Brownie has a similar layer of caramel. The overall experience is pleasantly surprising and actually Awesome. The texture of the bars is smooth and soft. From the first bite, you taste that you are eating a high-quality well-designed protein bar.

Macros: Satisfying. That is what the macros are. For 60g you get 20.5g of vegan protein, which is amazing, as vegan protein bars usually have only 14-16g per bar. With that, it is only 11.6g of carbs, which is commonly a seller for a lot of people, as we do eat quite a few carbs as a nation. Fats: 11.4g, which is quite a lot, but, again, compared with other bars, all of them average around 8-12g of fat. Overall, a great macronutrient combination, with a good amount of protein. Nicely done, Awesome Supplements. 

Size: The bar is of decent size, perfect for a filling snack or a pre-/post-workout meal. Again, most vegan bars are 45g, but Awesome Supplements have made their creation 60g. It’s easy to eat and the portion is enough to satisfy the cravings and not make you reach out for something else and overeat.

Other benefits: Melting the bar in the microwave creates a delicious healthy pudding, and enhances the textures and flavours. Heat in the microwave for 20-25 seconds and you will get the dessert of your dreams.

Our team here, at BESTFIT loved the new Awesome Supplements bar. The taste texture and macros give the bar a high score of 8.5/10 among all protein bars. Compared with vegan protein bars it gets an even higher 9/10. Well done, Awesome Supplements, a great product!



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