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Can’t get to the gym? Then let the gym come to you… Here’s how Powerhouse fitness are helping people to stay fit without even leaving the house.

Sometimes getting to the gym isn’t as easy as you’d like to be, with busy lives meaning that work and families sometimes come before your cardio or weights session, or whatever it is you prefer to get up to in the name of self improvement.

But fear not. If you can’t get yourself to the gym then maybe the gym can come to you.

With stores all over the UK and across Europe, as well as a large presence on the internet, Powerhouse fitness offers gym lovers the opportunity to access some of the most advanced and popular gym equipment from the comfort of their own lounge, living room or bedroom.

And whether the space you’re training in is large or small, Powerhouse have solutions that meet your every need.

We sent our very own Faris Fisher along to the Powerhouse store in Manchester to check out some of the best equipment on the market. And, as he found, you don’t have to break the bank to break sweat in your home gym.

Clearly, space is a major consideration and often governs the kind of gym equipment that individuals can work with in a home environment. Thankfully, the range of kit now available commonly takes this need on board, offering a huge selection of folding gear that can be stored in confined spaces. Whether that’s under the bed or behind the sofa, things like weight benches or rowing machines don’t need cavernous storage room.

A great starter-pack for those individuals who are just getting into the gym routine can sometimes cost as little as £150 for a combination of dumb-bells and accompanying weight bench.

For those with perhaps more experience – and maybe more space – there’s an even greater range of combinations available. Breaking it down into two categories – strength and cardiovascular – the possibilities are endless.

A piece of kit that has taken the continent by storm is the Taurus Ultra Force Multi Gym. Effectively a gym without weights, the Ultra Force utilises the resistance produced by hydraulic cylinders, enabling you to embark on a full-body workout including free shoulder presses, lateral and front lifts and free bench presses. At a cost of £599, the Ultra Force isn’t cheap but given the range of exercises it enables, it also offers phenomenal value for money. And if you’re using it instead of paying for a gym membership then that value is doubled.

A folding rowing machine which uses water for tension and resistance offers the perfect accompaniment, allowing you to maintain and increase your aerobic fitness, while also working on your strength and muscle development. All for £499.

For those looking for the ultimate home gym experience, then a £2,000 package might fit the bill. The T60 treadmill, complete with phone connection and speakers means you not only have the chance to build up your 10k speed but can also watch Netflix or your favourite TV shows while you’re doing it. Exercise bikes can also form part of a package, while the very latest in weight technology means you can enjoy your own bespoke weight training programme. Couple that with a weight bench and cage structure that allows you to perform a vast array of exercises and it’s clear that, if you set your mind and budget to it, working out at home can be every bit as rewarding as heading to the gym.


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