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BESTFIT Issue 17 – Natalie Summers

BESTFIT Issue 17 – Natalie Summers


Natalie Summers

New year’s resolutions? make them and break them, and quickly, says new Bestfit columnist Natalie Summers.

Do you ever feel that everyone else’s Instagram selfie’s are flawless? Ripped abs, sculpted chests and perfect butts… isn’t it amazing how browsing an influencer’s Instagram feed can evoke emotional feelings of anxiety, excitement, motivation and inadequacy…. all in equal proportions!

And right on cue, in addition to this, comes the pressure to stay in peak condition over the festive period and to make New Year’s resolutions… and stick to them.

I could list a whole heap of advice here to help us stay on track in the New Year.  Plan meals. Have a cheat day. Schedule regular workout times. Drink more water. Get good quality sleep. You know the drill…
Yet my advice for staying motivated for 2016 (and which for myself and at least 89% of my clients, is super simple) is: don’t stick to your resolutions.
Rules are made to be broken, so get ready to make them and break them. Oh, and be sure to break them as early on in January as possible. Then, once they are successfully broken, sit down and make a short list of good intentions.

There is one snag. Good intentions don’t cut it either. They have to be good and strong.

Here are my top tips on how to make sure your intentions stand the test of time.

Make them positive

Never underestimate the power of positivity. Positive intentions enable you to visualize goals and give you confidence to reach them.

making them realistic

Be realistic and honest about what you can and can’t commit to. Don’t be tempted to blitz January for short-term results. Set longer-term goals and plan workouts and meal preparation based on everyday schedules, not on your immediate desires today.

Make them Focused

Plan your own fitness journeys. Focus on the destination and be mindful of the route you choose along the way.

Make them fun

They have to be fun. If they don’t bring you happiness, make you laugh or inspire you, change them.

Make them measurable

Be honest about what measurable metrics will motivate you whether it’s geeky VO2 max charts, PB’s in lifting or mastering a yoga pose. Decide on a measurable and stick to it.

Make them responsible

Take responsibility for your chosen intentions. Fallen off the health and fitness wagon? Own it and be positive and focused about getting back on track. Struggling with a life choice? Be honest, take responsibility and change it.
I’m happy to wager, if you commit to strong intentions and visualise your 2016 journey, those emotional feelings triggered when browsing Instagram will change. The motivational ones will begin to dominate and the inadequate ones will begin to fade. And don’t be surprised if you wake up and realise you are your very own influencer. For 2016, be your own influencer.


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