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Zanna Van Dijk Shares 10 Fitness Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow in 2017

Zanna Van Dijk Shares 10 Fitness Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow in 2017


Zanna Van Dijk shares 10 Fitness Instagram accounts that you need to follow in 2017

By Zanna van Dijk

Say hello to Zanna van Dijk, our latest columnist. A personal trainer, blogger, author and global ambassador for Adidas, not to mention brand owner, Zanna is building a loyal army of social media followers. “As a fitness instagrammer myself, I love to follow inspiring accounts which give me motivation to train hard, eat well and look after my body,” she says.

so, here are her top 10 picks:


#girlgains is a movement aiming to empower and inspire women to love their bodies and look after them in an educated and sustainable way. They provide regular events across the globe as well as free online articles and inspiring instagram posts!


Adrienne is a #girlboss. Not only is she a mother of the cutest kid ever, she is also a fellow Adidas ambassador, a fitness blogger and a personal trainer. Oh and not to mention her style is ridiculously impeccable. Fashion inspiration galore!


I am obsessed with Mike’s gymnastics and crossfit-based content. He demonstrates heavy lifts and
mind-blowing calisthenic training. Men and women will be motivated by his epic training videos.


Tally is an all-rounder. She provides high-quality training videos and advice along with inspiring meals. She promotes a balanced lifestyle and talks regularly about self-love and body-positivity. Two topics I am equally as passionate about. Her page will make you feel uplifted.

@thefoodmedic & @doctors_kitchen

These two powerhouses somehow juggle being full-time doctors with fitness blogging. I love their educated and evidence-based approach to their content, always striving to teach their followers important tips and tricks.


If you’re looking for some healthy meal inspiration, Alice is your go-to gal. She posts two to three of her daily meals, giving an insight into her super nutritious diet and providing you with tonnes of new breakfast ideas.


Carly’s page is crammed full of short and sweet workout videos, which can be used anywhere, anytime. This is combined with insights into her life as a fitness blogger, her travels across the world, her gorgeous french bulldog and her healthy balanced meals. Fitspiration!


Amy is a digital editor on a fitness magazine, which means she is on the pulse of everything new in health and fitness. I love following her page to see the classes she is trying, the food she is tasting and, of course, her incredibly strong and fit body! #absfordays


Shona combines yoga, meditation and weight training to create her own “Vertue Method” of training.  Her philosophy of mobility and mindfulness is one I completely agree with and I find her posts give me a boost of positive energy.

Jacob is a chiropractor who shares insightful videos about mobility, flexibility and posture. I highly recommend using his content to help look after your body.

And don’t forget to follow me at @zannavandijk! I share balanced meals, at home and gym-based workout videos and motivating quotes to help keep you on track.


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