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Tracy Kiss On Why She Loves Semen!

Tracy Kiss On Why She Loves Semen!


BESTFIT’s Tracy Kiss discusses why everyone could do with a bit of semen in their life. That’s right, you heard…

Tracy Kiss, Viral Sensation Tracy Kiss, Healthy Eating, Diet, FitnessI’ve been absolutely hectic filming with a Swedish film crew all week for a documentary on my use of semen in smoothies for nutritional purposes. You may have read about it in the press when my blog and YouTube video went viral at the end of last year. No, it’s not a gimmick, or a way to get one over on your missus, because semen actually has many beneficial factors with over 200 proteins, vitamins and minerals making up every teaspoon of ejaculation. Packed with vitamin B12 & C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc, it not only boosts the immune system, raises energy levels, supports the metabolism, heart and kidney function, fights tiredness, lowers blood pressure and the risk of cancer and strokes, it also helps to repair hair, skin, nails and body tissue, which is ideal for me as a vegan and soon-to-be body-builder.

Semen contains a natural mood enhancer that helps women to fend off depression and even lowers the risk of prostrate cancer. It’s something we’ve no doubt all come in contact with many times before, just without knowing the benefits it has on our body and overall health. It’s like a natural multivitamin for adults, if you will, and as I take supplements for my vegan diet and training, it makes sense to add a shot or two of semen to my smoothies of a morning to perk me up!

So, now that my two children are finally back at school I can actually begin to get into a routine with my training and it’s about time because I have until April to sort my Christmas pudding belly out! I’m training at a gym of absolute beasts with Tony Montalbano, the two-time British and natural world champion, who has been in the industry for decades. A massive part of training is getting your mindset on track and having the motivation to dig your heels in, grit your teeth and go hard or go home. Having Tony spot me, shout in my face when I’m failing and pick me back up when I flop onto the floor red, sweaty and out of breath is priceless. There’s no way would I have pushed myself this hard if I were in a squeaky-clean trendy gym by myself, standing in silence with my headphones and surrounded by a load of posers taking selfies in the mirror. If you want the results you really have to walk the walk, and the calluses on my hands are testament to my new found strength and determination.

I’m doing four days a week of weight training, splitting my muscle groups daily, leaving a week between each for recovery. This allows me to go all out to failure… and I literally walk around like John Wayne because I’m constantly pumped and sore, but the progress is addictive as hell. Nutrition is undoubtedly a massive part of training and my transformation; I’ll be receiving a vegan meal plan sometime this week, which will really tighten up my macros and micros and help me to drop some body fat, as I’m at around 15% at the moment. Being vegan, I’m possibly one of the hardest people to feed, let alone gain muscle mass through protein; I rarely go to restaurants and I’m a total creature of habit, often finding myself stuck in a rut eating the same foods over and over until I get bored and can’t stand it anymore, so I go back to a previous rut and the cycle starts again. Once my food is finally on track, I’m sure my body and mind will follow suit; it’s the small daily changes that will make all the difference when I step on stage for my first bikini contest in April.



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