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The Pit Leeds

The Pit Leeds


The Pit, Leeds understands gym people want to eat out once in a while!

For the ultra dedicated, going out for food or a beer is a no no.  The macro life (that’s counting how many calories you eat – and what type i.e. protein, carbs…) can be pretty dull, but it’s essential if you have a body goal or are competing.  Very few bars and restaurants cater for the health conscious.  Fact!  Come to think of it; that’s pretty crazy, considering it’s 2016, plus fitness is one of the fastest growing industries…!

The Pit has always been ahead of the curve in Leeds.  Even though these guys have found a gap in the market, we know they’re not just trying to cash in.  They work with local charities, like The Leeds Rhinos Foundation, which helps children get into sport.  Many of their staff members are in sports teams and are hard core gym-goers. The company even hosts it’s own sports and team building days!  They’re not just content with offering great healthy food and keeping their staff lean either.  The Pit also support the local economy too, by sourcing all their meat, veg and fruit from reputable Yorkshire based suppliers!

So back to the food.  Whilst their menu caters for everyone, there still are quite a few healthy choices on there.  To start; we sampled their Fajita Sharer dish.

Giving you pretty much everything you could want on a plate, there’s chicken, chuck steak, prawns (on a skewer), pulled pork, traditional bell peppers and onions, guac, salsa, quinoa salad, small flour tortillas…  It’s really the stuff of dreams.  Plus it’s healthy!  The Pit takes the crown (in our humble opinion) for the best Fajitas in Leeds right now.  It’s a feast for two, although we’re guessing the über hungry should have no problems tackling this on their own.  At only £22.95 it’s darn good value too.  Amazing job guys!  5/5

the pit leeds

Next up is the The Pit’s flagship creation, the “THE POWER BOWL!!!!!!!!!”  There are two to choose from, the Ultimate Veggie and The Mexican.  Both are balanced with nourishing vegetables and lean protein, which are designed to fuel your body to its full potential!  All the ingredients on the plate have many cool benefits; including the promotion of heart health, bone strength, healthy skin and hair, reducing blood sugar levels, helping sleep and memory, muscle growth and development, improving the immune system, aiding the digestion process, eliminating toxins and lowering cholesterol!  We decided to sample both:

The Ultimate Veggie Bowl includes grilled halloumi, falafel, spiced roasted vegetables (includes sweet potato), puy lentils, aubergine, cauliflower rice and tahini dressing.

the pit leeds

The Mexican Bowl includes a full grilled chicken breast, black turtle beans, chilli peppers, quinoa, charred corn, green rice salad, cabbage slaw, roasted red peppers, radish, tomato & avocado salsas and lime dressing.  Ay caramba!  This one hit the spot for us.

In a nutshell, Power Bowls are balanced plates of nutritious goodness and serve as the perfect post workout meal.  They also make a great healthy alternative for those on a night out/having lunch.  In our opinion, these are the business and we’ll coming back for more.  Here’s the best bit though, a bowl will only set you back a mere £8.95!!!!  What!?  I hear you cry.

What’s more, if you quote “BESTFIT 20” to your server at the start of your meal, you’ll get 20% off your food too!  Think we’re biased?  Well try one yourself and leave your feedback in the comments box!


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