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Best Healthy Places To “Eat Out to Help Out” in and around Leeds

Best Healthy Places To “Eat Out to Help Out” in and around Leeds


Eating out is a great way to catch up with friends and family and spend some good time together, whilst enjoying delicious foods. Often, eating out can lead to unhealthy choices, due to the menu offered, but there are so many places around Leeds that you can go to for a healthy and still delicious meal.

It is now even better, by eating out you also support businesses as they re-start after Covid-19. The new government scheme “Eat Out to Help Out” subsidises 50% of the customer’s check to participating cafes and restaurants. This means that you can get your meal for 50% of its original price! The discount applies automatically at all businesses that are part of the scheme, and is valid from the 3rd to the 31st of August 2020. You can only get 50% on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week of this month. So, hurry up, it is not going to last forever!

Leeds has an amazing food scene with a large variety of places that offer a variety of cuisines: from fine dining to cosy cafes. We have selected the restaurants and cafes with the healthiest meal options, that are participating in the “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme. Eating out does not have to be unhealthy, there are plenty of options that are lower in saturated fats, without a tonne of sugar and are still bursting with flavour. You can eat a healthy meal out, fully enjoy yourself and keep up a healthy diet.

We have selected cafes and restaurants to give you some ideas of where to go for a healthy meal, and avoid taxing your body’s systems with junk food options.

  • Fettle: A Scandinavian-inspired café and restaurant, opened for brunch during the day and for authentic restaurant dining in the evenings. The food options at Fettle include both plant-based and meat options, which are all equally delicious. Be sure to find a healthy option to satisfy your body and your soul at Fettle.
  • Out of The Woods: The place has two locations, that offer simple dishes, but they manage to pack them with flavour. Tasty breakfasts, lunches and Saturday brunches all live up to the expectations. It is a great place to stop for a quick breakfast before work or meet a friend for aromatic coffee and lunch.
  • Dill & Bay: This café is unique in that it offers the option for you to create your own meal, which you can make as healthy or indulgent as you like. You can have an item from the À La Carte menu or build your own salad or sandwich. The choice of ingredients is huge and you can pick however many you like. There are plenty of healthy options among them too. This place is perfect for a quick, healthy and filling lunch stop.
  • Grön Kafé: The cafe’s menu is based around the concept of clean eating, and offers the best nutritious meals that you could dream of. Not only do they look incredible, but the taste and nutritional qualities of the food offered are perfect. This is the best option for a cosy brunch or lunch. Grön’s menu is vegan friendly, with options that will not disappoint even the most spoilt diner.
  • The Greenhouse Horseforth: A small café with a range of delicious vegan nourish bowls. They offer both sweet and savoury meals, in a cosy atmosphere in Horseforth. Their nourish bowls are made from the freshest ingredients and are real powerhouses of vitamins and minerals. The perfect place to go to feed your body some high-quality nutrients.

Eating out and choosing healthy options can be very simple, if you chose the right place. The above healthy cafes and restaurants are waiting for you to come and try their delicious menus and support them through the “Eat Out to Help Out Scheme”. 


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