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Sophie Gradon shares her favourite juicing recipes

Sophie Gradon shares her favourite juicing recipes




If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know we love our juicing at BESTFIT HQ. And now, thanks to BESTFIT TV, we’re able to share our recipes with you via our very own TV show, as well as on these pages. Sophie Gradon has been sharing her favourite blends throughout series 1, so try these three for instant life wins.

The Pineapple Popeye

spinach-and-pineapple-smoothieAptly named because it’s packed with spinach, Popeye’s favourite ingredient of course.

2 handfuls spinach (though how much you include is entirely up to you), ¼ pineapple, 2 kiwis and 1 orange.

Simply get the juice from a small amount of pineapple, the kiwis and orange and mix with your spinach. Start by adding the fruit first, the veg bulk second.

Killer Tomato

tomato-smoothie Sophie GradonThis recipe traditionally uses tomato juice, but we’re throwing in a load of actual tomatoes and giving them a bit of a spicy kick! Tomatoes are rich in Lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant which can benefit your skin, heart and immune system.

6 organic tomato’s, 2 sticks celery and a small pinch of curry powder for a savoury kick.

Start with your tomatoes, then add your celery sticks, keeping one by for later. Once mixed, stir in your curry powder with your remaining celery stick.


beet-and-apple-smoothieThis one is great for using whatever fruit and veg leftovers you might have, alongside the extraordinary powers of the mighty beetroot! Beet juice contains a colour pigment called betalain, which is a powerful antioxidant, is anti-inflammatory and which is perfect for a detox… and glowing skin. It also has known
cancer-preventing properties.

Include as much beet juice as you want, plus sliced apple. Then fill with anything else you want or need to use up.


Maximise the benefits by adding the apple to the beet juice, not the other way around. Then add in your leftovers, and you’re done.


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