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Pro Gains Can Help You Diet, With Kurtis Stacey!

Pro Gains Can Help You Diet, With Kurtis Stacey!



“The hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle and gaining the muscle size and weight you’re looking for is… diet!


We have all been guilty at one point of having bad eating habits, whether it’s eating too little or eating too much. For me it was always finding the right balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat, especially when wanting to bulk up and put on size. Mistakenly, I’ll admit that once upon a time I would try to put on size through my workouts and heavier lifting alone. My diet would always remain the same – no wonder I didn’t get the results I wanted!

It has taken me years of trial and error to get the balance right with my diet. Thankfully for people today, myself included, we no longer have to do the research or even cook for that matter! Pro Gains have made it as easy as 1. 2. 3. Literally. You pick your carbohydrates, vegetables and protein and it’s delivered to you the next day, pop it in the microwave for 3-4 minutes and it really is as simple as that.

When your feeling tired or sluggish it is usually an indication that something isn’t right in your diet, especially when you know you are getting enough rest. I think we have all tried the no-carb diet and suffered the consequences of fatigue and then crashing in the middle of the day. Getting into shape and gaining the muscle I wanted to felt virtually impossible, not to mention the horrific cravings!

After doing the no-carb diet on many occasions, I finally realised that I couldn’t do it anymore. I felt like I would rather give up on trying to get in shape altogether if that was how hard it was going to be. One night, I remember watching a video online called food and science of the body, or something like that, and it all became so simple. You need to look at food as fuel to keep your body running properly, without certain foods it simply won’t do what you want it to do. As the video taught me “you wouldn’t put diesel in a petrol car”.

I later learnt what works best for me and how I can apply it to my diet. For example I like to stick to four meals a day consisting of 40-50g protein, half a cup of brown/boiled rice or sweet potato and half a cup of green vegetables. It wasn’t long after maintaining this diet that my whole body shape began to change. Even my levels of stress and energy were different. If you have trouble sticking to a diet, or cooking is an issue for you, then check out www.progainsmeals.com, they do it all for you!


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