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Tough Mudder: The 2017 Finale

Tough Mudder: The 2017 Finale


Tough Mudder London South Weekend

The world-famous obstacle course race heads to London on 16, 23 and 24 September

Tough Mudder needs little introduction. Their team -oriented 10-12 mile (18-20 km) obstacle courses are designed to test physical strength and mental grit, and this year their events across the UK and around the world have featured new and world -class obstacles.

The new challenges include the Augustus Gloop, where participants must enter into a chest-deep pit of water before climbing up a vertical pipe. As they attempt to ascend through the confined tube, they must fight off a cascade of water gushing down on them from above.

There’s also Funky Monkey – The Revolution, a literal spin on Tough Mudder’s classic Funky Monkey obstacle. Participants test their upper body strength while transitioning from monkey bars to traverse a series of revolving wheels – all while dangling over a water pit.

Then there’s the Arctic Enema – The Rebirth, where you’re required to slide down a confined, dark tube head first into an icy pool of water, navigate across one section and must submerge yourself yet again under a wall to escape this freezing skip of ice water.

The Reach Around plays on people’s fear of heights and is one of the most challenging obstacles on the course. This nearly 20 ’ obstacle forces participants to climb up and go beyond vertical in an inverted 45 -degree angle to overcome it.

For those new to the event, you can try the Tough Mudder Half, a five-mile challenge through mud and obstacles specifically designed to test your teamwork and toughness, while requiring less training. It’s the perfect introductory event.

For the Legionnaires, Tough Mudder is providing new challenges, including special Legionnaire-only lanes. These new lanes will feature twists on classic challenges, as well as an all-new Legionnaire-only finisher obstacle that will test participant’s upper body strength and fear of heights.

If this sounds like a bit of you, then sign up at the new ToughMudder.co.uk.

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To join the conversation, follow Tough Mudder on Facebook at facebook.com/toughmudderuk, on Twitter
@ToughMudder, and on Instagram @Tough_Mudder.


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