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September/October Events Listings

September/October Events Listings


Our top picks for events in September/October…


Wanderlust 108 

September 23

Wanderlust 108 is full-day celebration in support of the mindful movement, featuring a triathlon unlike any you’ve ever known. They bring together three intentional activities in your favourite local park: a 5K* run, an outdoor yoga flow class, and a guided meditation. Join a vibrant community to spread love, peace, compassion, and well-being into the world. 


One Giant leap 

21 October

Experience the thrill of jumping from 10,000 feet and free-falling at over 120mph in a sponsored tandem skydive for Alzheimer’s Society. One Giant Leap is organised through a company called Skyline and you can join them at one of 18 airfields across the UK on 21 October 2017, and take One Giant Leap against dementia!


5k Inflatable Zombie Run 

29 October

The ultimate thrilling zombie 5k run is coming! You need to survive not only a crazy 5k inflatable obstacle course, but at the same time evade the Zombie apocalypse on the way to the finish line! You will be given a tag belt with three lives before you set off to complete a 5k run packed with humongous inflatable obstacles. Your aim is to survive by getting to the finish with one or more lives still intact. 


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