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Reviews: Radnor Plus Protein

Reviews: Radnor Plus Protein


If you’re struggling to hit your protein intake or need a new way to get your fix, consider what you’re drinking. Those of us on a weight-loss or calorie controlled diet plan might focus on our food without considering what we drink, but this might be one of the best sources we can get. Radnor Plus have designed a tasty beverage offering 12g of whey protein isolate per 500ml bottle. It comes free from gluten and GM products, using only the highest quality spring water to match even the highest of healthy expectations. If that wasn’t enough to spark your interest, it’s also sweetened naturally with Stevia and suitable for veggies. It makes for an awesome post-workout drink that can be enjoyed on the move. What more could you want from a health bev?


Price: £1.49        



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