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10 Reasons you should be Paddleboarding

10 Reasons you should be Paddleboarding


If you live near any stretch of water, the chances are you’ll have seen people standing on what look like overgrown surfboards. Welcome to paddleboarding, the fastest-growing sport in the country. Inflatable boards have been a gamechanger, meaning it can be done by anyone, of any age, anywhere, and on your own or with friends and family. Oh, and the health benefits are huge, writes facebook.com/gowiththeflopaddleboarding/

Full-body workout

Even during a leisurely SUP down the river or on a lake, your body will use every muscle. You will use your legs, back, core and abdominal muscles to achieve balance, and your arms, back and shoulders to propel yourself forwards. If you move onto the river or into the sea you’ll face waves and currents, which means your workout will be intensify. Start introducing speed or distance into your regime, and you’ll soon become a lean machine.


Balance booster

If you’ve ever tried surfing, you’ll know standing on a board on a wave is a difficult skill to master. Paddleboarding requires standing upright for longer periods, which requires oodles of core stability and strength. Start paddleboarding, and you’ll notice how your day-to-day balance improves. Some first timers can experience extreme wobbling in the ankles and legs. This soon disappears as your body adapts, which can then help you paddle longer distances or even surf waves.


Low impact

If you’ve ever trained for a running event you’ll know how the repetitive movement of running can damage your joints, ligaments and tendons. Similarly, lifting weights comes with risk. SUPping enables you to burn calories without damaging your joints. A leisurely SUP can burn up to 400 calories in an hour. Introduce some surfing and that will rise to up to 750.


Increase strength

Even an hour on a paddleboard in calm water is enough for you to notice soreness in your arms, feet and/or legs. A leisurely SUP will improve your overall body strength, so imagine the benefits of a strenuous session. Your arms are the supporting cast to your core. Even carrying your board to your launching point will boost your biceps. Meanwhile, when paddling, your legs are constantly adjusting to the rocking motion.


Stress buster

Exercising outside is a massive and yet simple victory. Add to this the relevant calm of being on water, and the soothing sounds of gliding on the water, and any stress you’re experiencing will soon disappear.


Cardio gains

As soon as you start adding distance or speed to your SUPping, you’ll notice how your body’s endurance levels rocket. SUPping against the tide in the sea or on the river is a fast way to boost your cardio, plus you can lose weight and reduce the chances of diabetes, heart attack, stroke and more.


Connect with nature

Being on the water is excellent for your mental health. Bask in the glory of your surroundings, be it by the coast, on a river or in a lake, while injecting some vitamin D to help you fend off fatigue, depression, bone weakness, chronic pain and more. Moreover, paddleboarding can take you to places inaccessible by feet or car.


Core of truth

Master the right paddle technique and you’ll be completing the equivalent of an abdominal crunch with every stroke.



Paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and there are thousands of clubs and groups now springing up around the country. Hook up, join in, and socialise. And even if your conquer it straight away, there are numerous ways to adapt and evolve your involvement in the sport, and the equipment you use.


Good for your heart

Even paddling for just 15 minutes a day will improve your cardiovascular system. And the faster you paddle, the harder your heart will pump.

To find out more visit www.busap.org.uk orwww.gowith-theflo.co.uk

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