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Remedy Kombucha


One of the tastiest ways to to boost your gut health and overall well-being is with Remedy Kombucha, a guilt-free soft drink that’s free from sugar and even has an official tick of approval by the IQS (I Quit Sugar) team. Remedy Kombucha is full of live cultures that can increase the diversity of your gut flora, prevent the growth of bad bugs and supply billions of micro-organisms full of vitamins, minerals and fibre. It also comes packed with organic acids that provide an energy source for the good bacteria in your gut, help regulate appetite, stabilise blood sugar levels and regulate cholesterol, plus anti-oxidants that help the body fight illness and slow down the ageing process. A no-brainer for those of us in need of a digestive pick-me-up.

Price: £3.50 (per 330ml)            


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