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NEWS: Workforce Health

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NEWS: Workforce Health


British employers have a problem, and it’s got nothing to do with Brexit. The health of their employees is causing a drop in productivity, something we can blame on health and lifestyle factors. A recent report from Britain’s Healthiest Workplace suggests that on average, British employers are losing about a month of productive time per employee, per year, from time off-sick and staff under-performing in the office. Yikes! Do the math and you’ll quickly realise just how much this is costing the UK economy. However, this is not just down to the poor health of workers. The report also suggested that workplace wellness programmes make a big impact on the health of the employees; a lot less productivity was lost for the ‘healthiest’ employers than those at the bottom of the scale. It looks like businesses need to take a second look at offering those health perks – discounted gym pass, anyone?


The UK economy is losing £73 billion a year in lost productivity.

British employers are losing on average 27.5 days of productive time per employee, per year!


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