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Issue 10 – Spotify


Spotify, Bestfit


Readers of issue 9 will know we’ve started creating music playlists for you to listen to while you exercise. And with this month’s emphasis on de-stressing, we’ve enlisted some expert advice to help you do exactly that. Ben Mynott is a DJ, producer, music consultant, album compiler and broadcaster all in one. He once formed 50% of the revered chilled downtempo act Fragile State and is now 100% the man behind his moniker Fluidnation. His shows on Chill Radio (DAB London/Internet Worldwide), which celebrated it’s tenth birthday last month, have brought him new fans and over a million listeners over nine years. Ben has released over 35 albums and has sold over 250,000 albums. His Chillout Lounge albums have become highly sought after, including his LP, Lounge Classics (which can be found on Amazon). You get the message… Ben knows his stuff. So, head to Spotify, hit play and take a minute to relax! SEARCH BESTFITMAGAZINE

Spotify, Bestfit

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