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Boost you Allergy Immunity with probiotics!

Boost you Allergy Immunity with probiotics!


Allergy Immunity


Sneezing season is upon us, which means puffy eyes, running noses and tissues scattered everywhere. If you’re prone to the seasonal struggle that hay fever brings, you might be pleased to know that there could be a solution. According to new research from the University of Florida, microbiotics (the ‘good’ bacteria found in yoghurt and dietary supplements) can work to boost the body’s ’T cell count’ and suppress the symptoms from manifesting. Testing the combination of ‘Lactobacilli’ and ‘Bifidobacteria’ on 173 healthy adult seasonal sufferers, academics discovered a positive link and possible alternative to over-the-counter antihistamines. This is great news for the rising number of us suffering with allergies and intolerances, said to be caused by a lack of bacteria in the gut as a result of cleaner living conditions. So while we may be enjoying the bacteria-free lifestyle, our tummy needs a little probiotic help to ward off those annoying allergies.