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Waste Not Want Not, brits throw away £13bn in food each year

Waste Not Want Not, brits throw away £13bn in food each year


Waste Not

Have you heard? Britain has a bad habit of throwing away perfectly usable food, and some of us are trying to tackle this. A recent study revealed that £13 billion worth of food is wasted every year here in the UK, causing a sizeable shift in the way we approach our groceries. To help us reduce the amount of food that we bin, one woman has written a collection of tasty recipes using on the finest in ‘food-to-use-up’. Victoria Glass’ book ‘Too Good To Waste’ explains how to create delicious fritters from broad bean pods; a delightful gin martini using excess citrus fruits; and impressive ravioli from an abundance of carrots. A little innovation goes a long way, long enough to help us help the planet while also saving us money. Glass promises to help you revitalise wilted lettuce, transform vegetable peelings and give your stale bread a second chance. Why not get a little creative in the kitchen? It’s time to find out what’s hiding at the back of your fridge.


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