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We spend bucket loads on meat and fish, whilst missing out on veggie savings!

meat and fish

Veggie Savings


If you’ve not yet given thought to cutting down on your meat feasts, you might want to consider this: vegetarians save a bucket load of money when buying food. This might seem obvious, but do you know just how much we spend on meat and fish? According to figures from financial planner Tilney’s ‘Cost of Tomorrow’ report, we spend a whopping £50,000 across a lifetime. Compare that to the pockets of a veggie – they spend just £16,300. Meat is the biggest money muncher, taking away £41,600 of our lifetime earnings, while fish comes in at just £8,400. Together this amounts to more than three times what we spend on fresh vegetables, with the highest priced item on a vegetarians grocery list being potatoes; the average household will spend £2,400 on spuds in a lifetime. So while you might feel a little faint at the thought of cutting out meat and fish altogether, at least consider reducing your intake to give your food spend a well deserved break.

50-64-year-olds spend around £950 a year on meat and fish, while under-30s spend just £600 a year
Average households spend £11,000 on fresh fruit in a lifetime
2% of the UK population is vegetarian (more than 1.2 million people)


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