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National Smile Month highlights UK Oral Issues

National Smile Month highlights UK Oral Issues


Oral Issues


Ever had to call in sick because your teeth hurt? According to new research commissioned by the Oral Health Foundation, that’s exactly what four per cent of the UK’s working population have had to do. The poll throws light on the current state of oral health for Brits, and kicks off the charity campaign National Smile Month. The campaign is challenging workplaces across the country to take more interest in their employees’ health, and is asking the UK workforce to think a little more about their oral health habits. The campaign has been running from 15 May –15 June and has promoted the need for less sugar in diets, and a more regular brushing routine. The common ‘cake culture’ practice in the workplace, and high sugar options in vending machines result in around three in every ten UK adults suffering regular dental pain. It’s time to take your teeth seriously; no more cake.

1 in 20 working Brits have had to take time off work in the last year due to oral health problems

Brits miss a total of 1.2 million days of work each year due to oral health issues

This costs the UK economy £105 million each year – £82.86 for one day of absenteeism