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BESTFIT TV’s Sophie Gradon shares juicing recipes

BESTFIT TV’s Sophie Gradon shares juicing recipes


Sophie Gradon is BESTFIT TV’s juicing expert. Here, she reveals her first three recipes…

No sooner have you read that something’s good for you, somebody somewhere else is soon telling you it’s not. Coffee, red meat, wine… the list is endless, and juicing is no different. And it’s not just the act of juicing; it’s the process of juicing which continues to divide opinion (do it too fast and you risk losing the nutrients, some argue). A hot trend a few years ago, the general consensus is that juicing remains a quick and easy way to get a lot of the good things your body needs. We’ve been keen advocates of juicing in this magazine, and we have previously used the expertise of Jason Vale and Andrew Cooper. You can read through our back catalogue (for free!) and find a range of nutritious, functional and tasty recipes.

Essentially, juicing enables you to use fresh natural ingredients filled with natural vitamins and enzymes and pack them into a handy drink. There are loads of recipes around
but the real beauty of it is that you can stick in what you like and even use up fruit and veg rather than throw it away. The only problem, we think, if you plan on juicing regularly, is that you might spend a fair bit of your hard-earned on fruit and veg, not to mention a load of time on the chopping board. A small price to pay.

Let’s be clear, when we say ‘juicing’, we’re not talking fruit juice, which is often full of fructose sugars. No, by juicing, we’re talking blended drinks that can include fresh fruit (full of natural sugars) and vegetables, plus other useful ingredients.

As I explain on air, the best way to get juicing, and to maximise your drinks, is to start by adding your flavour base (fruit) before adding the veg bulk, and then your medicinal extras. By medicinal extras, we mean things like flax seed, for example.

Anyway, if you watch BESTFIT TV you’ll see me in action. But here’s a sneak preview of my first three recipes.

Be sure to tune in for all six recipes…


Sophie Gradon, juicing, recipeThe Banger

Banger, for banging skin! One of my model friends swears by having one of these every morning to give her a glowing complexion. Not only that, but the lemon speeds up metabolism to ensure she feels energetic. Simply blend all of the ingredients, and enjoy!

Lemon, lime, cucumber, apple, carrot and spinach.


The Liam Lee Bad Boy Kick

Liam is a friend of mine; a Thai boxer and vegan. He drinks this concoction to provide him with the necessary energy to complete his day. This juice really packs a punch and is best suited for drinking in the morning; I find it really awakens the body and the senses. The fresh herbs, chilli and ginger add medicinal qualities. Ginger is particularly good for the digestive system and if you suffer from something like IBS, it has been known to help reduce the effects. Chilli also has known disease-preventing and health-promoting properties, as fresh chillis are packed with surprisingly high levels of vitamins and minerals.

2 apples, kale, spinach, 1/2 cucumber, 2 stalks celery, lemon juice, parsley, coriander, mint, ginger and chilli (depending on your level of tolerable spices and how hot your chillis are, I would recommend you add this to taste).


The Stalker

Waste not, want not. After your Sunday dinner, keep the stalks from your vegetables (like broccoli) and use them in your juice. They are full of nutrients and it’s a shame to waste them!

Broccoli, broccoli stalk, mint, 2 apples, 1 lemon (peeled,
or it may taste bitter) and 1 lime peeled.


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