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Portion size: want to know how much you should be eating?

Portion size: want to know how much you should be eating?



Portion size: how much do you know about the appropriate portion size and consistency? 


Turns out a lot of us are still clueless when it comes to how much we’re eating. Thankfully, help is at hand…

Despite all the healthy information you may have read or heard, our perceived portion sizes are still four times the recommended amount. This can lead to demotivation and frustration if controlling your food intake is your ultimate goal. If you’re feeling this way after a gruelling winter, then you may have unknowingly fallen victim to portion distortion.

How much Cheese & Meat should I be eating?



Did you know a serving of cheese is the size of just two fingers?! Just this tiny amount of cheese will set you back 114 calories and lump 10g of fat into your belly. You can keep cheese portions lower by using thin slices of cheese instead of grated to reduce consumption.


Meat is important for building muscle and increasing your iron and protein intake, but too much is actually not very good for you. The recommended portion size is just the size of your palm, around one-third of a typical meat-lover’s portion. Our nutritionist, Ashley English, advises “splitting your macros.” She continues: “One quarter of your plate should be low GI carbs with equal portions of protein and healthy veg. This will help understand how the meat portion should look on your plate.”

How much Ice Cream & Pasta should I be eating?


Ice Cream

Okay, we all know ice cream is incredibly high in sugar and fat, but did you know that your recommended portion size for the creamy stuff is only one small scoop? That’s about one fifth of an ice-cream sundae and about one 20th of a regular tub of Ben & Jerry’s!


Pasta is naturally high in carbs, and with all the sauces and cheese typically added, a pasta dish can come up to around 1,000 calories! Try a low-calorie, high-protein pasta meal that doesn’t over-step your recommended portion amount to stay in line.

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Other top tips you can employ to keep your portions under control are:
• Use a smaller plate. The look of more food on your plate will tell you you’re full.
• Drink water more regularly. Hunger can sometimes be confused with thirst.
• Prep your meals. This way you’re not making meals whilst hungry.


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