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BESTFIT Issue 19 – Short Circuit

BESTFIT Issue 19 – Short Circuit



So many of us proclaim  to be short of time, which inhibits us to make the gym  or do any sort exercise.

However, getting up just 20-25 minutes earlier in the morning  or squeezing in a session after work, and doing a mini home workout circuit, can be a great and easy way to get your heart rate up.
But why do interval training?

Firstly, it’s an efficient training method – you can increase your fitness progress by doing just 15 minutes per day, three times per week. It helps burn calories too; as opposed to the hour you may spend on the treadmill – and is a quicker method to rev up the engine. It’s also extremely beneficial when it comes to boosting aerobic capacity, as long as you work at a maximal capacity [so find it hard to breath].

I have incorporated some body-weight moves in this circuit to help you build the lean tissue you need to enable this process to help you burn more fat, and gain bone and muscle strength.

Here, I have put together a simple workout that you can do in your spare room with minimal equipment. All you need is a step or chair. Start by doing a circuit of 20 reps of each (per leg) and no rest between the moves. Take a minute’s rest at the end and complete at least three times. As you progress – add more sets and variations.

To warm up: do 20 seconds jogging on the spot, 20 seconds of high knees and 20 seconds of bum kicks.

Triceps DipTriceps Dip

Keep core tight, back straight and bum close to the step, and drive elbows backwards to a 90’ angle at the bottom. Don’t Lock out the elbows at the top, and keep the shoulder blades pulled back.
To make it easier, bring the feet in to a 90’ angle. To step it up, add half pulses between each full rep, or something heavy onto your quads.


Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

rear foot elevated split squatKeep your core tight, back straight and place your back foot to keep movement at the ankle. Back knee goes straight down. Front knee hits a 90’ angle with knee remaining behind the toes – never over them. Feel the stretch on the back quad and drive through the heel of the front foot each time. 20 x per leg.



Knee to Opposite Elbow

Knee to opposite elbowStart in a tight plank position, keep the core held tight, back straight and ensure arms remain under the shoulders. Keep your bum level and in alignment with straight back and keep head looking forwards.

Bring in one knee to the opposite elbow with control and replace back to the plank position – repeat 20 x each side.

To simplify, come down onto your knees in a box position. To advance, add in a press up after each right/left knee cross over.





Jumping Squats

Jumping SquatsStart from a standing position, keep core tight and jump into a wide squat and hit 90’. Jump straight into a narrow squat with feet close together and drive bum back to 90’, keeping your chest up right throughout (imagine reaching your bum back for a chair).

One rep = 1 x wide and 1 x narrow.

To simplify, remove the jump and step into the move. To advance, add pulses at the bottom of each squat (like a mini partial squat) or hold at the bottom from 2-10 seconds as you progress).






Glute-Bridge Single Leg

Glute bridgeStart on the floor with feet in line with hips, and bend at the knees. Place one leg straight up in the air, arms flat to floor. Keep your core tight and keep driving foot flat to floor. Drive the bottom up to the sky and body should hit a straight diagonal line from hips down to the shoulders remaining on the floor. Feel the squeeze at the top of the bridge.

To simplify, keep both legs on the floor. To advance, perform mini pulses at the top 3-5 OR Squeeze for 3-5 seconds. Perform 20 times for each leg.


Plank Elbows Touches

Plank Elbow TouchesStart in the plank position with fully extended arms, wrists under the shoulders, core tight and back straight. Bring one hand to the opposite shoulder and slowly place back down. Keep your balance throughout and don’t let the rest of the body move. Keep your head up. Slow and controlled movement throughout. 20 reps per hand.

To simplify, hold a plank for 20-30 seconds. To advance, move from plank full arms down to plank onto elbows – slowly come down onto each elbow then press back up – one rep = full to elbow back to full plank.



ensure you stretch off the full body once completed as this workout hits a lot of the main muscle groups.

Superhuman fitness encompasses personal training, advanced nutrition, sports massage and fake bake spray tanning for a holistic approach to health and fitness.



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