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BESTFIT Issue 12 – Risque Workout

BESTFIT Issue 12 – Risque Workout


Risque workout cover issue 12 bestfit

“Women love and need the ability to look good, feel sexy and have the strength and confidence to appreciate it,” explains Tiffany Clark, owner and founder of SXE FIT Studios and the revolutionary SXE FIT Method. “Using my experience with dance and exercise, I’ve combined the art of feeling fit, healthy and sexy by creating different and proven, workouts.” Tiffany is integrating dance and fitness into a revolutionary training technique she believes will result in a leaner, more agile and more coordinated body. Don’t take her word for it. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF…

“You’ll need a mat, a weight, good music and a mirror,” she continues. The key movements to perform three exercises are:

The SXE Grind: “Using the mirror, stand in front and position your feet hip-width apart. Starting with hands on the hips, slowly begin to make circles in one direction and use your hands to guide them. Repeat in the opposite direction.

The SXE Whammy: “Keeping your hands on your hips, push your bum back and knees down, then push them out side to side.

The SXE Thrust: “Place you fingers to the back of your hips and use them to help tuck under and draw your pelvis forward while clenching your butt cheeks.”

ABOUT TIFFANY Tiffany has over ten years’ experience within the fitness and dance industry. She’s a fully insured, qualified level 3 exercise professional. She has helped many women achieve short and long-term goals including: losing weight and weight management, confidence rehabilitation, toning, shaping and sculpting, diet and nutritional advice and postural development”


bestfit issue 12 risque workout sxe squatsSXE Squats – 20 reps ( 2 sets: 1 right 1 left)

Start with your legs more than shoulder-width apart and feet pointing out slightly.

With your hands on your hips, begin to create a circle named the SXE grind in one direction and slide your hands down as you lower the grind until you can’t get any lower. Bring the grind back all the way to the top, and make sure your knees don’t push forward over your toes. You can speed up the grind to make it more difficult.


bestfit issue 12 risque workout sxe pressupSXE Press Up – 20 reps x2 sets

Start on all fours with hands shoulder width and knees hip-width apart and feet crossed together.

Push your bum back so it’s over your feet. Bring your body into a dipped roll forwards, skimming the floor towards your hands while trying to keep your

pelvis tucked in and pushing up when you reach your hands.

To make them harder; start in the same position but on your feet.

bestfit issue 1 risque workout sxe lungesSXE Lunges – 20 reps (2 sets: 1 right 1 left) 

Start with one stride forward, keeping hips aligned and back heel up.

Place your hands on your hips, squeeze and draw your pelvis forward to create a SXE thrust and slowly lower your back leg, repeating the thrust as you go down, and going as low as you can go.

If balance becomes a problem you can hold the back of a chair from the side.

To make this move harder, use a weight in one hand.

Bestfit issue 12 risque workout sxe arms and absSXE Arms & Abs – 20 reps (2 sets: 1 right 1 left)

Start with your feet hip-width apart, knees soft, and have a weight, kettlebell or dumbbell ready.

Raise the weight above your head and create the SXE Grind but keep your hips still, focus on drawing the movement from your arms and stomach.

To make this move harder, increase your weight size.

Bestfit issue 12 risque workout sxe bums judSXE Bum Jud – 20 reps (2 sets: 1 right 1 left)

Start with your feet more than shoulder-width apart, lean forward from your hips with your arms down and hands together, then start to quickly jud up and down your heels. Keep your toes on the floor and your butt behind while making sure it’s moving.

To make this move harder, lower your hands as low as they can go.





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