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BESTFIT Issue 10 – Wave Workout

BESTFIT Issue 10 – Wave Workout


Wave workout, suitcase deadlift

A: Suitcase Deadlift

This move is performed with a dumbell/kettlebell held in either hand to the side of your body.

REPS: 4,6,8,6,4  REST: 90-180S

bestfit issue 10 wave workout

B1: Zercher Squat

A front squat move performed by holding a barbell in the book of your elbows

REPS: 12,10,8,10,12  REST: 60S

bestfit issue 10 workoutB2: DB Chest Flyes

Slight bend in the elbows, concentrate on really squeezing your chest to bring the DBs together.

REPS: 12,10,8,10,12  REST: 60S

Bestfit issue 10 workout DB piston RowsB3: DB Piston Rows

Similar to a DB bent over row but with palms facing each other. Alternate arms , one goes up as the other comes down.

REPS: 20,15,12,15,20  REST: 90S

BESTFIT Issue 10 workout, Seated shoulder pressC1: Seated Shoulder Press

Keep core tight throughout and don’t arch your lower back.

REPS: 20,15,12,15,20  REST: 90S

BESTFIT Issue 10, workout, Lat pulldownC2: Lat Pulldown

With palms at either end of the bar, or kettlebell above your shoulders, keep elbows as tight as you can and brace your abs.

REPS: 20,15,12,15,20  REST: 60S

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