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BESTFIT Issue 10 – Reviews

BESTFIT Issue 10 – Reviews


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BESTFIT Issue 10 reviews bagWyatt and Jack bag

This UK-made bag is perfect for the gym and carefully sourced from fabrics re-purposed from various sources. Price: £64.95 www.wyattandjack.com




BESTFIT Issue 10 reviews Grid TSKGrid TSK

The GRID® STK is an innovative hand-held foam roller perfect for use in the office or when travelling abroad. Price: £34.99 www.physicalcompany.co.uk




BESTFIT Issue 10 reviews Molten Brown Deodorant Molton Brown Deodorant

A refreshing antiperspirant sports stick that blends cassia bark and andiroba oil for happy skin. Price: £16 www.moltonbrown.co.uk




BESTFIT Issue 10 reviews E band

K08 suspension/resistance E bands

KO8’s resistance bands combine all the capabilities of TRX and other suspension trainers but come with detachable straps. This versatility means you can attach them to virtually any solid structure and mimic most human and animalistic movements to create a varied and efficient training program.

So whether you want to build explosive speed and power for sports-specific training, like football or boxing, or you simply want to burn calories and gain muscle, you can attach the adjustable handles around your shoulders for explosive sprints or bear crawls, or wrap the straps around your hands or ankles for striking drills. As you get stronger you can simply attach more bands to make the session harder. Once back to bodyweight you will have more speed, power and agility to apply to your given sport.

With the addition of the suspension trainer KO8 open up a completely different world of movements that now focus on stability muscles, core strength and plyometrics. This is designed to give you an efficient variety of training possibilities no matter where you are. The bands range from 12kg-72kg and come with a giant wall chart and dvd complete with six workouts. Price: £TBC www.ko8.co.uk

BESTFIT Issue 10 reviews Adidas TimingAdidas timing 1969 boost trainer watch

The eye-catching retro gold timepiece comes with a Herringbone pattern on the watch face, and a rubber case wall. Price: TBC www.adidas.co.uk




BESTFIT Issue 10 reviews, ORBB wellness podOrrb wellness pod

Choose from five, ten or 15-minute sessions designed to help you relax, recharge and work on self development. Price: from £6,455 www.orrb.com




BESTFIT Issue 10 reviews, Smart Skipping ropeSophia smart skipping rope

A skipping rope with a built-in tracker, you can measure jumps, speed, time intervals and calories burnt. Price: £22 www.kickstarter.com




BESTFIT Issue 10 reviews, Y-3 Toggle Boost TrainerY-3 Toggle Boost Trainer

Smart trainers that come with cord laces that join up behind the heel. Available in black and white or orange and blue. Price: £220 www.sneakerboy.com



BESTFIT Issue 10 reviews, Tattooed Adidas f50 Tattooed Adidas f50

The left and right boots are decorated differently to represent love and hate, the relationship behind Adidas’ #ThereWillBeHaters campaign. Price: £190 www.adidas.co.uk



BESTFIT Issue 10 reviews, Nike X FGNike mercurial vapor X FG

These lightweight boots come with an updated Vapor traction system while a micro-texture upper adds grip for enhanced ball control. Price: £160 www.store.nike.com



BESTFIT Issue 10 reviews, Umbro Velocita proUmbro Velocita pro

At 165g, the Velocita is one of the lightest boots on the market. The upper is smooth and thin, the soleplate made of plastic. Price: £130 www.prodirectsoccer.com



BESTFIT Issue 10 reviews, Smart NecklaceWearable tech is king these days and Huawei, makers of various kinds of wrist wear have created the TalkBand N1 smart ‘necklace’, an interesting variation on the usual wrist technology.

Instead of sticking something around your wrist, this wireless Bluetooth headset has all the bells and whistles you expect including a built-in 3-axis accelerometer that detects your steps, distance travelled and calories burnt for easy weight loss and health monitoring. Perhaps more crucially, it means you won’t need a companion device to play music. You can store up to 4GB worth of stuff, which equates to about 1,000 music files and it has a battery that lasts for 12 hours on standby. The audio quality is great, thanks largely to high-end, in-ear speakers that provide a crystal-clear sound with deep bass notes.

It’s built for active use, so comes with a sturdy interior and an exterior that’s sun and splash proof, even dust resistant. You can choose from pink, gold and metallic grey colours. Something for everyone. Price: £TBC www.consumer.huawei.com


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