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Looking to eat better, cleaner meat? We’ve found Leaner Foods For You




We’re all looking to eat cleaner to get leaner, and the new ‘Leaner foods for you’ range from Kezie Foods is gluten and allergen free, high in protein and low in fats. Exclusive to Iceland supermarkets, this range (including the below) is sourced from around the world and will definitely upgrade your BBQ repertoire. All of the sausages and burgers can be cooked from frozen in 20 minutes, and the steaks are all easily cooked from room temperature. New flavour profiles and ingredients have been specifically developed to ensure low fat content to complement the naturally high protein in the meats. All products are made from lean choice cuts and the steaks are hand cut by expert butchers. The Buffalo Burgers, for example, now have 20% mushroom in to count towards your ‘five a day’ and cut down on fat intake. Other products include:

  • Belgian Blue beef steaks (less than 1% fat, 36% protein)
  • Buffalo rump steaks (low in fat, over 36% protein)
  • Venison steaks (only 1.9g fat, over 33.5g protein)
  • and Ostrich fillet steaks (Only 2g Fat, over 29g Protein)

There are a whole host of beef, ostrich and venison products to choose from, all low in fat and high in protein.