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Four of the best Mass Gainers to boost calorie intake & build muscle

Four of the best Mass Gainers to boost calorie intake & build muscle


Guide to mass gainers


Mass gainers help boost your calorie intake and, when used alongside a healthy, balanced diet, they can support recovery and aid muscle building and weight gain. Here are four of the best…

Maximuscle Progain


A high-protein shake designed to support those who want to build muscle mass and size, each Maximuscle Progain shake provides 30g of high-quality biomax true protein and 480 calories containing complex carbs and naturally occurring BCAAs.
Serving: 11 servings per 1400g
£34.99 maxinutrition.com

Multipower Mass Gainer


Multipower’s Mass Gainer has more than 1,000 calories per serving. It combines high quality protein complex (whey, casein, milk and egg protein) with complex carbohydrates (maltodextrine, waxy maize and barley starch (Vitargo)), while vitamin B6 supports your protein metabolism and hormonal activity.
Serving: 20 servings per 5440g
£68.46 multipower.com

PHD’s Advanced Mass Powder


PhD Advanced Mass is their most extreme mass gaining formula, and is designed for those undertaking the bulk phase of their nutritional plan. It has 1,140 calories per serving, as well as up to 193g of carbohydrates from healthy oats, and it delivers 50g protein per serving.
Serving: 18 servings per 5400g
£75.99 phd-supplements.com



Optimum Nutrition’s new Gold Standard Gainer is an easy-to-mix shake providing 55g of muscle-building protein, mostly from pure whey isolate sources. Each 763-calorie serving contains carbohydrates from oat, pea and potato, along with fats including flax and medium chain triglycerides.
Serving: 8 servings per 1600g
£34 From various venders


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