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Struggling to keep on track? Kurtis Stacey suggests running for a reason

Struggling to keep on track? Kurtis Stacey suggests running for a reason


Run for a reason


running for a reasonWorking out can always be difficult. Some of us lack motivation, for others life just simply gets in the way. Time management, a busy job or family life, they’re all hard. For me, running has always been a challenge – I simply didn’t like it. Because of this, my cardiovascular exercise was really lacking, until I decided to do something to raise money for charity. Two years ago I became an ambassador for the James Bulger Memorial trust and I had to ask myself how I could contribute and raise money for this amazing charity? After hours of brainstorming, I decided I was going to tackle my weakest feat and run! I was going to take part in every running event set up by BTR Liverpool (which was going to be seven events in total) such as The Rock and Roll Half Marathon, The Winter Run and Tough Mudder. Since then, my mindset has changed! I absolutely love running and the feeling of achievement you get from it, which is why it is now a crucial part of my training routine.

If I can do it then so can you! I am going to share with you my tips on preparing for a run and hopefully you too can learn to love running and maybe even raise some money for your own charity.

Run for a cause

Join a charity or set up a Just Giving page and leave yourself no other choice but to run. Sometimes when you see the support from donations and know you’re doing a good thing, it forces you to get up and lace up your trainers.

Buy a decent pair of running shoes

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be comfortable when running. A good pair of running trainers can reduce injury by absorbing the impact on your feet and joints. They can also increase your speed and distance with less effort. This goes for all clothing in general, wear clothes that reduce chafing and allow your body to breathe.

Carb Load

There are many different ways to carb load for specific run distances, but I find what works for me is a couple of days before a race I will start adding rice, pasta or potatoes to each meal and basically increase my intake of carbohydrates with oats, bread, pancakes and bananas. The amount I have is based on the distance, so do some research. You don’t want to overeat for the sake of it!

Gels and Sports Drinks

I very rarely use gels or sports drinks for less than 10k runs, but anything over that I like to try and have one before and halfway through the race (if possible). However, nothing is more important than water and staying hydrated.

Pace yourself

Whether you are doing it to beat a personal best or simply participate, always know your limits. Keeping a steady pace and not competing with those around you is a good way to minimise burning yourself out too quickly.

My next challenge is the Port Sunlight 10k.

You can also support me and my team during the Run for the 96: KPRC97 £ (your donation) to 70070
or better yet come and join us:


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