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Do you rock all day active wear? 65% of us do!

Do you rock all day active wear? 65% of us do!


All Day Active Wear

There are a few things that British people value most, and comfort is one of them. This might be why more of us have decided to opt for gym clothes over normal clothes, outside of the gym. A recent survey of Brits revealed that a whopping 65% of us wear our workout clothes even when we’re not working out; 7% suggesting they may even wear those ‘active-dry’ leggings or mesh aired form fitting tee on a date. Blimey. And why? Comfort, according to 55% of the 1,017 UK residents surveyed. Liverpool seemed to harbour most of the gym wear lovers, with 70% choosing to wear their workout kit daily. Never mind throwing caution to the wind, where did the sense of fashion and occasion go? As long as we’re comfy, we don’t really care.

  • 72% of Brits surveyed said they wear active wear to go shopping in
  • 19% said they would wear it to go to work
  • 69% of those in Birmingham wear workout clothes daily
  • 1 in 3 Brits have been inspired to do so having seen a celebrity photographed doing the same