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BESTFIT Issue 13 – Challenge

BESTFIT Issue 13 – Challenge



The challenge is to perform 10 repetitions on each leg of each exercise in the order shown below and right… using your sofa. Repeat the circuit three times for a total of 300 reps!

danes-300-reps“It’s a burner!” says Dane Mitchell, Head of Strength & Conditioning at Leeds Beckett University (www.http://allthingsmovement.com/)  The UKSCA accredited strength and conditioning coach says: “Expect to feel it in the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and lower back extensor muscles. The contribution of the many large muscles involved also means it will rev up your heart rate and breathing rate, so it’s a good metabolic conditioning session that shapes the full lower body.”

try it now and send us your time to @bestfitmagazine. use hashtag #sofacircuitchallenge


challenge-exampleBulgarian split squat

Maintain a vertical torso and shin angle of the front leg.Adopt a long stance and push through the heel of the front foot for greater glute and hamstring activation.


Single leg hip thrusts

single-leg-thrustAim to get the hips higher than the your supporting knee.
Aim for a vertical shin angle at the top of the movement.
Squeeze the glutes hard at the top of the movement.



Single leg squat

single-leg-squatControl the descent, aim to gently touch your glutes on the sofa before standing back up.
To make the movement easier, squat to the sofa arm or to a cushion.
To make the movement harder squat lower than the sofa.


Single leg hip lifts

single-leg-hip-liftsPosition the knee at 90 degrees in the start position.
Push hard through the back of the heel, on top of the sofa.
Aim to keep the non working leg in line with other.


Sofa step-ups

sofa-step-upsAim to maintain a tall upright posture throughout.
Drive the non-working knee through to show stability at the top of the movement.
Fully straighten the supporting leg, to align the hips over the foot.



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