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Ready for take-off with Bungee Workout


It’s time for the second episode of BESTFIT TV Series 2 and we can say it was an interesting one!

Laura Crane and Faris Fisher discuss things we should avoid doing on our fitness journey. You know how you finish your workout and step out of the gym right after that last exercise? Well, you shouldn’t do that! Cooling down is as important as warming up. Also, avoid relying too much on fitness trackers. New studies revealed that up to 32% of trackers give a wrong reading.

Talking of bad fitness habits, we have to change our workouts regularly so that our bodies don’t get used to the same routine. Why not try a Bungee Workout? Faris got all tied up and ready for take-off! Resistance from the bungee makes it harder, but you can burn up to 500 calories per session while having fun.

We meet with Ben Coomber on the high street to show us how to assess what’s the healthiest things to eat when out and about. Think of your everyday diet and what you’d usually and voilà! Here’s your answer. Do you want a decent protein content or lots of vegetables in your meal? Just make that menu fit your own needs.

Then, we catch up with Ruth. Given that results are 70% diet and 30% exercise, one of the first things Adam did was to see what she was doing wrong and create a proper nutrition plan for her. Skipping breakfast and overeating in the evenings were some of the habits Ruth had to break. Those massive gaps between meals slowed down her metabolism. Apparently, dropping the calorie intake to 1750cals spread across 3 meals during the day gave her the strength to nail those hammer grip chin ups. I mean, look at her!

Laura Crane trains with this week’s guest athlete, Aimee Fuller. No, they didn’t do backflips, but they did some stability, flexibility and mobility work. Being a pro snowboarder, she also does a lot of HIIT training and yoga. Aimee was an amazing coach. We are impressed.

After that workout, we were in need of some food. Thankfully, pilates instructor Juliana Campos is cooking us savoury and sweet Tapioca. This a super easy 10-minute traditional Brazilian recipe. You can make your own with the fillings of your choice. Recipe coming soon!

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