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Phase 3: 10-week transformation

Phase 3: 10-week transformation


10-week transformation… the results are in!


10 weeks, numerous moments of pain, but one dress size has been dropped. Bosh!

When Kautar Fisher agreed to take on our 10-week transformation back in January, she had one goal in mind. Talking to us back in issue 27, she revealed how she wanted to drop a dress size and return to her original weight pre-baby.

So, now that the transformation period has come to an end, did she achieve her goal?

“I’m really happy,” she enthuses. Job done! Or is it?

“Now that I’ve dropped one dress size I want to drop another, and I’m committed to making that happen.

“I feel like I’ve made real progress,” Kautar continues.
“I don’t work to go back to where I was. I’ve put so much hard work in to get where I am.

“I’m so much more confident in the gym now, too. I went this week and there were loads of blokes using weights. Previously, I would never have used weights myself, or even gone near the guys, but I’m so confident and comfortable doing it now. I’ve learned that I can reach my goals quicker by using weights and kettle bells, so there’s no going back!”


Kautar had to deal with a change in personal trainer in phase 3, but that didn’t stop her reaching her target. “After taking over from Matt, the next step of Kautar’s training involved increasing the level of intensity she was working at, as well as the frequency,” explains Ryan McKane, of Elite Fitness.

“During this whole process, she has mastered the essential lifts as well as conquering the desired rep/weight range. In the time I worked with Kautar, she was very responsive to commands and data I gave her to assist her journey. She was very easy to coach and support, and she was always hungry for more information. Her physical performance was just as impressive as her turning smiles into snarls when required. There was controlled aggression and technical ability throughout. To summarise: she was fantastic!”

“The hardest thing in phase 3 was having to be constantly active,” admits Kautar. “I’d have to go for walks after sessions were over just to try and drop the necessary calories, so I’d take the dog out or walk up and down the stairs… it was constant.

“I actually found phase 2 harder, though, to be honest. Phase 2 was really about challenging myself as well as losing weight, and it was mentally and physically exhausting. By phase 3, I had started to understand why I was doing what I was doing to my body, both in terms of the workouts and how I was fuelling it. That understanding made things a lot easier.”


Exercise 2

Barbell Squat 

15 sets of 3 -2121 -45 seconds rest

barbell squat 2 10-week transformation

barbell squat 1 10-week transformation

Exercise 2

Glute Bridges

15 sets of 3 -2121 -45 seconds rest

glute bridge 2

glute bridge 1

Exercise 3

Sumo Deadlift 

15 sets of 3 -2121 -45 seconds rest

sumo deadlift 1

sumo deadlift 2

Exercise 4

Hack Squat

15 sets of 3 -2121 -45 seconds rest

hack squat 1

hack squat 2

Exercise 5

Romanian Deadlift

15 sets of 3 -2121 -45 seconds rest

romanian deadlift 2

romanian deadlift 1

Exercise 6 

Leg Curl

15 sets of 3 -2121 -45 seconds rest

leg curl 1

leg curl 2


Kautar was using My Goodness shakes protein drinks during her transformation. She used High Protein, which delivered 25g premium quality whey and casein milk-protein, which is rich in BCAAs, EAAs and Glutmaine, within the first 30 minutes after exercise. She also used Protein Nutrition throughout the day to help her avoid any unhealthy snacking.


As with any transformation, the hard work really begins when the initial challenge comes to an end.

“For Kautar’s progression we must manipulate variables to incorporate a new kind of stimulus/stress on her body to force change,” explains Ryan. “The manipulations would include rest periods, weight, rep range, volume, frequency, training systems, calories and macronutrients.

“For Kautar to sustain these results she must hit
her maintenance calorie requirements using the Harris-Benedict Formula, a method used to estimate an individual’s basal metabolic rate, to ensure she doesn’t relapse. She also needs to consider her calorie intake on active and rest
days to ensure she has a positive energy balance, and not over-restrict foods, which can result in poor performance and fatigue.”

“I don’t think you ever work as hard in a session as you do with a personal trainer, because they’ll always make you do that final rep,” concludes Kautar. “However, I know I need to continue motivating myself. I’ve worked so hard up until now, and seen the results, and so I’m changing my lifestyle for good.”


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